5 Ways To Improve Your Physical Education (PE) (Phys Ed)

Physical Education is one of the most important subjects in a school, and it's often overlooked. This blog post will provide 5 ways to improve your Physical Education ...

Dec 10, 2021

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FUNDA Physical Education, Children's Activity & Childcare Provider partners 100+ schools and supports 1000's of teachers all year-round with their continued professional development (CPD).

FUNDA employs 72 full-time physical educators and qualified teachers who all are specially trained to work alongside teachers teaching and sharing the FUNDA Active For Life Teaching Method™️ and proven schemes of work, lesson plans and resources expertly designed to develop physical and emotional literacy, boosting children's academic performance, concentration, behaviour, attainment and attendance/ love for school.

FUNDA has been voted the top-30 most exciting company located in the North West, UK, is a multi-award winning, Ofsted registered organisation officially recognised by her majesty the Queen of England. 

FUNDA gets thousands of children active while supporting teachers worldwide. 




Physical education is typically a subject that many children and teachers dread, especially if you're not specially trained to teach physical education.

It's often thought of as the "easy" class, and while it may be easier than other subjects, it can also offer some challenges for teachers.

So many teachers struggle when it comes to teaching physical education, especially here in the UK because teachers are encouraged to teach traditional sports like Football, Soccer, Rugby, Hockey, Rounders, Gymnastics and Cricket without class teachers being specially trained to teach sports. 

Teachers and senior leadership teams go along with this because it's all they know, it's what other schools are doing so they follow the crowd.

Schools are not required by law to teach the example content in [square brackets]. Take a look at the PE national curriculum to see the [sports] in [brackets] - View Now 

Also, take a look at the image below taken from the PE National Curriculum that states:

"A high-quality physical education curriculum inspires all pupils".



Do you think teaching sport inspires all pupils?

Teaching sports as part of your physical education breadth of study only results in teachers being replaced by 'Sports Coaching Companies/ Sports Coaches' who end up teaching sports and not high-quality Physical Education designed to inspire both teachers and children.

Schools are even using 'Sports Coaching Companies/ Sports Coaches' to cover teachers Planning, Preparation or Assessment (PPA) time this will confidence to teach the basic techniques and skills to take part in such sports. 

This all results in teachers not valuing physical education as a subject and teachers end up sitting at the back of the sports hall, marking books or doing some kind of interventions with their children and not teaching alongside physical education specialists to support their continued professional development (CPD) and confidence in teaching physical education. 

So what can we do? 

Who would agree that the physical education curriculum needs to change, schools and teachers need a new approach towards teaching high-quality physical education proven to inspire all children and physical education that all teachers love teaching and benefitting from saving planning and prep time so that you can focus on what you love doing the most... Teaching your children.

Ok, so enough of the political battle talk.

In this post, we will explore 5 ways to improve your physical education and how teaching physical education can lead to success in the classroom and beyond.


1. Teachers Health, Wellbeing & Mindset Matters

Teachers are super busy professionals, they have 12+ subjects to teach, physical education often falls off the school curriculum. However, would you agree that as we reboot, bounce back and recover from COVID, physical education should be the most important subject?

Teachers and children have been through 2+ years of hell, children have spent more time sitting and less time doing and even before COVID 1 in 4 children leaving primary school suffers from childhood obesity here in the UK.  

Physical activity, emotional, social wellbeing, health and fitness must be at the top of every school's long term development plan, physical education has to be the pumping heart of every school, we all know the benefits of physical activity on our minds, body and soul. 

So why are some teachers not teaching Physical Education?

Why are some teachers not treating physical education as another important subject?

Why are so many schools just teaching the bare minimum of physical education?


Physical education lessons planned correctly can boost both your teachers and children's physical, emotional, social wellbeing, health and fitness all year round, now that's a lovely thought. However, the health, wellbeing and mindset have to start with YOU! 


2. A Proven Physical Education Method

So many teachers teach the same physical education method, curriculum, programme as the school down the road. Schools get advised to teach from a physical education scheme of work, sequence of lessons, programme without understanding the method, rationale or long term impact on both your children or school. 

Take the FUNDA Active For Life Teaching Method™️ for example below: 

Specially designed with a holistic child-centred approach in mind and proven to get children active for a lifetime, supporting physical, emotional literacy and long term athletic development (LTAD).

Active Start - Give children the ultimate active start in the early years (aged 4-7), teaching physical education linked to child-friendly themes and role-play around children's interests. Specially designed skill-based games, physical activities and creative active play. Children understand the importance of moving their bodies and being active.

FUNDAmentals (Gross & Fine Motor Skills) - YES, all skill-based games, physical activities and creative active play is designed to develop those all-important FUNDAmental movement Gross and Fine Motor Sklls in a fun, progressive manner, with lots of repetition. It takes 60 hours for a child to master just one skill (Hopping) (Jumping) (Throwing) (Catching) and what comes from mastering the FUNDAmentals/ gross motor skills is children's fine motor skills which long term improve pencil control, handwriting and literacy. 

I would continue, however, this post would be a long one.

But one thing to notice here, before we even share our Physical Education Curriculum, yearly map, scheme of work, resources, lesson plans, physical activities, skill-based games there is a method behind the madness 🙂 Yes, a rationale behind your Physical Education programme. 

Just imagine Ofsted's response when all your teachers can showcase and explain your new Physical Education approach in a holistic school and child-centred way and how your Physical Education meets the needs of each individual child in school.   

If you would like to learn more about how FUNDA can empower your teachers and children you can book your virtual meeting anytime with me Kieran Fletcher the founder of FUNDA to explore the FUNDA Active For Life Teaching Method™️ - Book Virtual Tour Here!


3. Physical Education Curriculum Map

Once your school has your new child and teacher-centred Physical Education teaching method locked down and all your teachers understand why your school is adopting their new Physical Education approach, the next step would be to develop short and long term plans designed from your new exciting Physical Education teaching method. 

The ultimate physical education curriculum map should navigate all your teachers and children to get from where you are short term to where you want to get to long term. 

In other words, the curriculum map that prevents your teachers from going the wrong way or even worse advised the wrong way.  So many teachers are teaching physical education that is boring, dry, outdated, sports specific and so old school.

Physical education teaching methods that some schools are teaching that were being thought during the first world war, now that's a scary thought but true... 

Basically, you need a curriculum map and hundreds of structured, easy to follow lessons that will engage all your children and your teachers all year round linked to your new engaging Physical Education teaching method. 

Take a look at our FUNDA Active For Life Curriculum Map™️ that covers EVERYTHING from the Physical Education National Curriculum apart from Swimming. 😉 


4. Structured Physical Education Lesson Plans

Now, this is where it gets really time-consuming.

In fact, creating the FUNDA Active For Life Teaching Method™️, the FUNDA Active For Life Curriculum Map™️ is the easy part, designing 180+ high-quality lesson plans and 120+ skill-based games that all have a warm-up, main activities, cooldowns, differentiation, teaching points a plenary and easy to follow diagrams.  

Yet just to let you know it's taken 16+ years of blood, sweat and tears, a dedicated team of FUNDA teachers who've loved testing everything out in local schools here in the UK working alongside teachers all year round. We've even got built-in teacher CPD skills-audits, progress charting and assessment to sky-rocket your current Physical Education, Wellbeing & PSHE Curriculum.

Just imagine EVERYTHING done for you, ready to grab and teach engaging Physical Education.


5. Unlimited Physical Education On The Go

Teachers say all the time they need teacher-friendly physical education resources they can grab and teach all year round, others say their current physical education lessons are too sports coaching specific, in other words, designed by sports coaches and not qualified teachers with years of experience teaching. 

That's why EVERYTHING we've ever created here at FUNDA is structured and categorised online on the FUNDA ZONE™️ a place where all your FUNDA curriculum, resources, music, assessment, progress charting and thousands of Physical Education lesson plans are stored all in one place for you to access anywhere anytime.  

Think of the FUNDA ZONE™️ being like Netflix but for high-quality Physical Education curriculum and teaching resources updated monthly... Yes, that's right unlimited physical education, lesson plans, skill-based games, ideas, videos, resources and more UPDATED MONTHLY for one set yearly fee. 

Hundreds of schools now use the FUNDA ZONE to improve their school's physical education whilst making sure children are physical and emotional literate for a lifetime.

Schools also get new curriculum bolt-ons updated monthly.

Just like FUNDA Active Story™️ a curriculum and physical education scheme of work that develops literacy through physical education and creative active play in the early years/key stage 1. 

FUNDA Active Story™️👇🏻


Just like FUNDA Greatness™️ a curriculum and personal growth development scheme of work that is the ultimate recovery curriculum proven to empower children to reboot, bounce back and recover from COVID-19. It's great for SENCO or your pastoral care team and will boost physical, emotional, social wellbeing, health, nutrition and fitness.  

FUNDA Greatness™️👇🏻

Just like PE in-a-box™️ a curriculum and physical education scheme of work specially designed for early years, key stage 1 teacher who's often overwhelmed when it comes to teaching physical education and development. It's jam-packed with everything teachers need to teach outstanding physical education saving planning and prep time all year round.   

FUNDA PE in-a-box™️👇🏻

All our FUNDA curriculum, schemes of work and resources are updated monthly, EVERYTHING is fully aligned to the Early Years Development Matters Framework (EYFS), UK Primary School National Curriculum and the SHAPE America Sets Of Standards for Physical Education.   



If you want to make a difference in your children's lives, consider how physical education can help. The FUNDA curriculum is built on the latest research and best practices for teaching physical education effectively while boosting your teacher's professional development.

You may also be looking to revamp or update your school's physical education with new ideas, methods, and materials; the FUNDA Active For Life Curriculum Map™️ will give you some direction as it outlines what should be taught at each year level from early years all the way through to juniors. And if that doesn't provide enough of an overview for you - worry not!

We have structured FUNDA lesson plans ready to go so teachers don't have to reinvent the wheel every time they teach their classes or want to improve their school's physical education.

Remember you need a proven teaching method, the right mindset, a physical education curriculum map, an adaptable scheme of work, teacher-friendly lesson plans and EVERYTHING all in one place for your teachers to grab and teach physical education *Updated monthly!

Book your virtual tour today! - Book a virtual tour here! 



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Just download, print, use and remember to leave your positive feedback. 


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