Kieran Fletcher, Founder Of FUNDA Named Entrepreneur Of The Year

Kieran Fletcher the founder of FUNDA awarded Entrepreneur of the year, our FUNDA team celebrated at the 2019 Sub36, Lancashire Business View Awards...

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The BIG Night 

It was a BIG night, hundreds of nominees narrowed down to the selected few who were invited to attend the prestigious Winter Gardens, Blackpool were the WINNERS more than 250 guests attended to network, dance and celebrate Lancashire Business.

A selected few from our FUNDA loving team attended the Lancashire Business View, Sub36 Business Awards, we were all nervous, excited yet apprehensive of what could be possible.

The Lancashire Business View - Sub36 Awards

Providing a platform for young business leaders to learn, grow, develop and connect.

In addition to winning a trophy, Lancashire Business View, Sub36 winners in 2019 will gain access to a bespoke personal and business mentoring programme plus access to sales and business development courses for you and your business.


WINNING Entrepreneur Of The Year Award #FUNDA 

Kieran Fletcher our founder of FUNDA was awarded Entrepreneur Of The Year Award.

This award was sponsored by +24 Marketing another Brilliant Burnley Business.

All our FUNDA team are absolutely delighted to win this Sub36 Lancashire Business View Award. Kieran Fletcher the founder of FUNDA said;

"This business award is NOT for me, there is no ME in TEAM. Without my FUNDA team, we wouldn't be making such a positive difference to thousands of children's lives every day.

My FUNDA team consists of 17 enthusiastic, passionate, hard-working individuals who ALL mean the world to me and our FUNDA loving parents, teachers, schools and parents.

Thanks to all my team, FUNDA is ready to GROW!" 


Proud #BrilliantBurnley Business 

FUNDA is proud to be a Burnley Bondholder and has been for over 10 years.

We are proud to be a Burnley based business.

The town is GROWING, there are so much positivity, opportunities and successful businesses who ALL have the heart of lions. 

Our FUNDA team hope that this award will support our marketing and publicity efforts with the efforts to partner more Burney schools reaching out and making a positive difference to children's lives in OUR town.

FUNDA aims to partner local Burnley businesses who share our core values reaching out to the next generation with the intention to engage, inspire, motivate and empower ALL children NO MATTER WHAT! 

BIG Thank You 

BIG thanks to ALL our FUNDA team, FUNDA loving partnering schools, teachers, parents, childminders, home school educators, business partners and most importantly our FUNDA children.

Our children are all so excited to touch and feel our business award next week whilst attending FUNDA Holiday Camps & Childcare hosted at venues across the North West were some venues have over 100 children attending per day. 

Thanks to Lancashire Business View, Richard Slater and all his team. Thanks to all event sponsors and award attendees who supported the Sub36 business awards. 

Keep investing in Lancashire, keep being yourself and keep on making a positive difference in the world. 

Contact FUNDA 

Email: [email protected]  Call: 01282 686 670 



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