FUNDA Career Opportunities Available - Now Recruiting!

FUNDA Career Opportunities Available - Now Recruiting! COVID-19 Will Not Get In The Way Of Our Children's: Education, Health, Wellbeing & Future ...


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It's been a challenging couple of months, COVID-19 is effecting many businesses, schools, clubs and groups within our community. By now we are all getting to grips with the new norm; PPE, staggered times, cues, hand sanitizer and so many more special measures to protect and slow this pandemic down. 

We are all learning that if you risk attending public places, schools, childcare, pubs, and restaurants you run the risk of testing positive for COVID-19 and you will be contacted by track and trace, Public Health England and local authorities to isolate for 14-days. 

No matter how many special measures we put in place, we are still witnessing spikes of COVID-19 within our communities, we are all learning that it's a community thing, nobody is to blame. We are living in the middle of a pandemic and we must do our best to continue our daily lives as normal as possible to protect your children and families health, wellbeing and future. 


Schools, Children & Families Bounce Back From COVID-19

During 'LOCKDOWN' Kieran the founder of FUNDA provided critical homeschooling support, motivation, resources and materials to support children and families across the UK supporting their Physical Education, Health, Wellbeing & Personal Development.

FUNDA made a decision to provide critical FUNDA Holiday Camps & Childcare this summer for parents who desperately needed to work and provide income for their family and so that their children can socially interact with others, get active, healthy and having fun every day. 

FUNDA has retained pretty much all our FUNDA loving schools at the start of the new school term, September 2020. Schools understand that they will need FUNDA now more than ever to help children and families bounce back from COVID-19 supporting:

  • Physical Activity 
  • Health 
  • Fitness 
  • Self-Confidence 
  • Mindset 
  • Mindfulness 

Now Recruiting - FUNDA Career Opportunities

FUNDA's aim is to reach out and make a positive difference to millions of children every day. FUNDA Educators and School Sports Coaches are specially trained to teach and share the 'FUNDA WAY' engage, inspire, motivate and empower ALL children to get active, learn and have fun, whilst supporting their personal development all at the same time.  

We are now recruiting for these roles to join our growing,  friendly FUNDA team: 

  • PE & School Sport Coach 
  • Before & After School Club Assistants 
  • Marketing, Video & Soical Media Guru 
  • Office, Admin & Operations 
  • Holiday Camp Leader & Sports Coach 
  • Volunteer & Work Experience 

If you want to wake up every morning knowing that your work, efforts and contribution is going to make a positive difference to children's lives then - Join Our Team




FUNDA is a multi-award winning, Ofsted registered, been recognised as one of the North West most exciting businesses. FUNDA is officially recognised by Her Majesty The Queen. We provide Physical Education, Children's Activities, Childcare and so much more, teaching and sharing the 'FUNDA WAY'. 

FUNDA will provide a fun, rewarding career for any individual who shares our FUNDA Values and is willing to work as a team, dedicates their time towards reaching out and making a positive difference to children's lives every day. 


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