COVID-19 Will NOT Win! #FundaActive

A video message from Kieran Fletcher the Founder of FUNDA ahead of October Half Term Holiday Camps & Childcare...

Oct 20, 2020

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Do Not Let COVID-19 crush your children's; Education, Health, Wellbeing & Future.

COVID-19 is crushing Children's Education, Health, Wellbeing & Fitness.

Local LOCKDOWNS are happening right now, and no matter what tier number your area is in right now, we can not let COVID-19 get in the way of our children's physical and personal development.

I'm Kieran, the founder of FUNDA.

FUNDA is multi-award winning, Ofsted Registered Officially recognised by Her Majesty The Queen activity-based childcare. Childcare children love to attend and benefit from, even if you don't need childcare.

Children are spending more time sitting, and less time doing, children have spent more time inside, isolated than prison inmates.

FUNDA is providing October Holiday Camps at locations around the North, UK to get your children active, healthy, social and having fun every day during the school holidays.

All our children attending FUNDA Holiday Camps will reboot and bounce back from COVID-19, boost resilience, self-confidence and the ultimate winning attitude.

We must NOT let this virus defeat us; we must make sure children and the next generation are safe, healthy and protected. We must, without any doubt, support our children's physical and personal development - adopting the unbeatable mindset, mental health and wellbeing.

Winston Churchill once said ...

"To improve is to change, so to be perfect is to have changed often". 

This is the good old British Value we need to share with our children. We must continue to change and adapt to the COVID virus happening around us. We must work together as one community because together, we are strong and we are one.

Do what is right, BOOK your child's place onto FUNDA Holiday Camps & Childcare to give your child a FUNDA boost during the school holidays supporting their education, health, wellbeing, fitness and social interaction with others.

Limited places are available.

On behalf of all my FUNDA team, stay positive and stay safe. 


CALL: 01282 479 835