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FUNDA Christmas Holiday Camps & Childcare

Do you need some help with your childcare over the Christmas holidays? FUNDA has got you covered! We are excited to offer a variety of holiday camps for children 4-12 years... 


Dec 09, 2021

FUNDA - Time For Family & Friends

Christmas is a time for family, friends, and fun. But what do you do when you have to work? Or if you need to do some last-minute shopping?

FUNDA has got you covered!

FUNDA Christmas Holiday Camps and Childcare that will keep your little ones entertained, active, healthy and safe all-day long 8:00am until 6:00pm.


The Benefits Of Physical Activity For Kids

In today's society, kids are sitting in front of screens all day but what if you could get them moving?  The benefits of physical activity for kids can transform their lives. 

Physical activity helps to build a healthy mind and body. 

Exercise will help provide: Sharper memory and thinking. The same endorphins that make you feel better, also help you concentrate and feel mentally sharp for tasks at hand.

Exercise also stimulates the growth of new brain cells and helps prevent age-related decline, improves behaviour, attitude and respect for others at home, in school and in life.  

It's important for children to be physically active, the more active your kids are, the happier and healthier they will be. Your child will also live a long and happy life...

... Isn't that what we all want for our kids? 

Addictive routine and exercise is the secret.

Finding a hobby, passion, activity or environment that achieves all of the above is the secret.

Yet how do you achieve this when there are not many kids classes around for your child to attend. Most children's classes are closed due to COVID and so many children's activity providers turn children off as soon as they walk through the door because they teach traditional SPORTS and old school teaching methods.  

So without further ado let's dive into the wonderful world of FUNDA physical activity-based Holiday Camps & Childcare that has just been voted the top-30 most exciting company in the North West, UK. 

FUNDA is Ofsted Registered and officially recognised by Her Majesty The Queen.  


The FUNDA Active For Life Teaching Method™️

The ultimate proven tried and tested FUNDA Active For Life Teaching Method™️ trusted in 100's of schools and gets 1000's children active for a lifetime.

Some of our children now play professional sports, others have starred on TV showing off their talent and skills.

The main goal here at FUNDA is to develop Physical and Emotional Literacy while supporting Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD). FUNDA will teach your children new skills, give them the knowledge, understanding and apply these skills to lots of varied sports, challenges, fun games, competitions and real-life learning opportunities.

Introducing your child to the FUNDA Active For Life Teaching Method™️ will result in your little one getting active for life and this is why we are so different from a standalone childcare setting, nursery, childminder, where most days children are just left isolated to play alone, or with others in a sandpit, with lego or outside. 

There's nothing wrong with that! 

However, here at FUNDA your child will get active, take part in team games, physical activities and creative active play designed to stimulate their body, mind and spirit.

FUNDA is for every child and your child will complete 15,000 to 25,000 steps per day. This increased physical activity results in improved behaviour at home, in school and will help your child sleep better and become more confident, active, social, resilient little learners. 

Do you want your child to attend FUNDA Holiday Camps & Childcare yet? ;) 


What You Need To Know Before Sending Your Child To FUNDA Holiday Camps & Childcare

FUNDA is not for every child. 

Yes, that's right, although every child matters to FUNDA, we understand that children have a voice and a choice. It's your child's choice if they want to attend FUNDA.

We understand that some children might not like physical activity and fitness, if your child spends all day staring at a tablet, mobile device or sitting watching TV then bring them along to FUNDA.

Your child will have so much fun taking part in our themed games, physical activities, challenges, sports, theme days, BIG giant inflatables and more, your child won't even realise how many steps they are doing or how fit they are becoming because they'll be having so much fun.

FUNDA is fitness that is fun, engaging, motivating, inspiring and addictive for kids. 

FUNDA is physical activity-based childcare children love to attend, benefit and grow from even if you busy parents don't need childcare™️. 


Affordable Christmas Holiday Camps & Childcare

Parents, if you're looking for some fun and affordable Christmas holiday camps and childcare, FUNDA has you covered!

With locations all across the North West, UK (Lancashire), we have a camp or childcare setting that will fit your needs and budget. Plus, our experienced, specially trained FUNDA qualified staff are dedicated to ensuring your child has a safe and enjoyable holiday experience.

Contact FUNDA today to learn more about our Christmas Holiday Camps and Childcare call: 01282 479 835 or click here to learn more! 



There’s no better way to get your kids off the couch and active than with FUNDA Holiday Camps & Childcare.

Our unique FUNDA Active For Life Teaching Method™️ has been proven to be effective in building confidence and self-esteem, while also helping children develop a love of physical activity that will last them for life!

Book your child's place today and we can guarantee they won't regret it!

We have affordable FUNDA Christmas Holiday Camps and Childcare available so you don’t need to stress about finding somewhere entertaining for your kids this festive season!

COVID lockdowns will not get in our way, the show must go on for children's education, health, wellbeing and future... Yes or No? 


📌 FREE Holiday Club & Childcare Places available thanks to the governments Holiday Activity & Food (HAF) Programme. FREE places targeted at children who are eligible for and receiving benefits-related free school meals.


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