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FUNDA is so much more than the name of our child-friendly mascot character and all his friends.

FUNDA's ethos is all about long term athletic development (LTAD), physical activity & physical literacy and having fun.

My belief is that SPORT does NOT engage or inspire ALL children.


The Evidence

In fact, I and my team of specially trained FUNDA Educators have been teaching and sharing the 'FUNDA WAY' for over 15 years in schools alongside teachers. 

FUNDA recognised that teaching sports in PE turns some children off.

Sport certainly does NOT inspire ALL children.

Its taken 15 years to develop the 'FUNDA WAY' system and a model that results in children being ACTIVE for a lifetime.


Active Start

FUNDA provide your children with the ultimate ACTIVE START at a young age.

FUNDA use our unique creative play and skill-based resources; games, themes, music, props, superheroes, stories and so much more that children of this age relate too.



FUNDAmental Movement Skills (FMS)

FUNDA develop children's FUNDAmental movement skills (FMS) such as; running, jumping, skipping, walking, crawling and so many more. 

These skills are also known as Gross Motor Skills.

These skills are crucial for long term athletic and physical development (LTAD).

Having well developed FUNDAmental Movement Skills (FMS) will only help your children to become more confident and competent when taking part in sports, competitions, physical education in school or physical activities later on in life.


Growth Mindset & Critical Skills

FUNDA develops the mind to learn, our resources naturally support your children's GROWTH mindset and critical skills like:

Communication, respect for others, attitude, teamwork and resilience.

It's important for your children to understand what these skills look like, sound like and feel like.


Introducing Your Child To Sport Too Early

FUNDA believe that without the perfect ACTIVE start in life, FUNDAmental movement skills and Growth Mindset then it's pointless introducing your children to sports.

Introducing your children to sport without the 'FUNDA WAY' could potentially turn your children off or stop them loving sports or even getting active later on in life.

I and my FUNDA team have witnessed schools, teachers, educators, children's coaches especially professional football clubs specialising children far too early in sports or sporting skills.

This is just like giving an infant child a book on Shakespeare before they can even read or pronounce certain words correctly, you just wouldn't do it. 


Learn To Train

Children make progress and LEARN TO TRAIN to utilise all those important transferable skills mentioned and applying those skills into attacking and defending.

After all, isn't that what sport really is, attacking one team and defending another?

However, it's so important for children to understand the principles, rules and discipline of sports.


Understand Your Body

Understand health education, hygiene and what it takes to reach their full potential.

Some children are naturally gifted when it comes to sport, competition & physical activity.

For this reason, FUNDA believes in challenging these children so that they stay engaged, inspired and motivated in school, at home and throughout their lifetime.

It's crucial for our FUNDA team to engage those children not as sporty or active as others.

FUNDA adapt all our resources for ALL children regardless of ability, Special Needs or any other barrier to become and love being active.



That's why here at FUNDA our team are specially trained to teach and share the 'FUNDA WAY' not SPORTS whilst teaching PE in primary schools.

The 'FUNDA WAY' has helped FUNDA engage and inspire millions of teachers and children.

In fact, teaching and sharing the 'FUNDA WAY' is probably the reason why FUNDA get one hundred children attending FUNDA Holiday Camps & Childcare per day.


Maddy For Liverpool FC & England

The 'FUNDA WAY' has played its part to engage and inspire Maddy Duffy who started her FUNDA journey at a young age.

Maddy now aged 11 plays football for premier league club Liverpool FC.

Shes even appeared on TV and now plays football for England.

No matter what the 'FUNDA WAY' will inspire ALL children to become ACTIVE for LIFE.

Our mission and really big WHY here at FUNDA is to make a positive difference to children's lives every day.

FUNDA can't wait to engage, inspire, motivate and empower your children to get ACTIVE the 'FUNDA WAY' at home, in school and for life. 

Talk soon, 

Kieran Fletcher (Founder Of FUNDA) 

PS: Ask me anything by COMMENTING below and I will answer your questions?


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