FUNDA Lancashire Business View Sub 36 Awards Finalist

Our FUNDA team are delighted to be announced Lancashire Business View, Sub 36 Business Awards Finalists in two Catagories ...

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1. Introduction  

FUNDA is proud to be multi-ward winning already way back in 2014 unexpectedly we won two Lancashire Business View Awards; caring employer and publishers choice business awards.  

Our FUNDA team have worked so hard since then, we've been off the radar so to speak, working hard, hustling and innovating reaching out and making a positive difference to thousands if not millions of children's lives. 

FUNDA school programmes, children's activities, childcare and education resources worldwide. This year FUNDA will be establishing it's charitable arm called The FUNDA Foundation to reach out to children, young people and beneficiaries who suffer from poverty/ deprivation. 

The FUNDA Foundation Charity operates across four key themes, Physical Activity, Health, Education & Inclusion. Our aim is to benefit all ages and sections of society, making a positive difference every day. 


2. Why Sub 36 Awards? 

FUNDA is proud to be placed amongst Lancashire's thriving businesses. 

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Believe it our not Kieran our founder of FUNDA is only aged 33 this month, yes we know he might look a lot older, but it's true. 

All our FUNDA team are delighted to be nominated as finalists of two awards: 

1. Entrepreneur Of The Year Award. 

2. Innovator Award. It means a lot to all our team to showcase the positive difference our FUNDA team make to children's lives every day whilst supporting teachers, parents, home educators and childminders. 

FUNDA is based in Burnley, is a member of the Burnley Bond Holders and is proud to serve and make a positive difference across Lancashire and the North West, UK.  


3. What's Next? - Fingers Crossed

All our FUNDA loving customers, teachers, parents and thousands of children have their little fingers and toes crossed. Firstly our FUNDA team hope that we can visit every partnering primary school on a road trip across Lancashire to share the awards if we win. 

FUNDA aims to inspire the next generation, to show children that anything is possible if you put your mind to it,  knuckle down, work hard, set goals and dream. 

This year FUNDA aims to:

  • Establish and start-up The FUNDA Foundation Charity. 
  • Establish FUNDA Adventures Fully Outdoor Nursery Settings. 
  • Online programmes, resources and products for teachers, parents and children. 

...And more, fingers crossed. 


4. Message From Kieran, The Founder Of FUNDA

"I would like to personally thank all our FUNDA loving partnering schools, teachers and parents who all teach and share the 'FUNDA WAY' to engage, inspire, motivate and empower ALL children.

Thank you to all our FUNDA loving children for attending our popular FUNDA Holiday Camps & Childcare during the school holidays.

Thanks to all my FUNDA team who all work so hard to make a positive difference to children's lives every day.

Finally thanks to my family and friends for your support, it means the world to me". 





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