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FUNDA May Half Term Holiday Camps

FUNDA May Half Term Holiday Camps #Childcare

FUNDA May Half Term Holiday Camps & Childcare for children aged 4-11 years. FUNDA's been here before, during and now after COVID-19...

Apr 26, 2021


It's been a challenging year for everyone and our thoughts go out to all those affected by COVID-19, we hope that you are safe, healthy and well. 

FUNDA's been around to provide as much support as we can to EMPOWER children's lives before-during and now exiting COVID-19. 

Children have spent more time sitting and less time doing. Children have spent more time locked up, inside than prison inmates. Infant children in terms of their Physical Development are certainly a year behind in terms of their progress. 

Our aim now more than ever is to Engage, Inspire, Motivate & EMPOWER children lives to Reboot, Bounce Back & RECOVER from a year like no other.

The FUNDA Greatness Book & Online Resource

FUNDA has created and published the FUNDA Greatness Book, jam-packed with 177 printable activities and resources to support Infant children to bounce back, catch up and GROW supporting their Physical Development, Education, Health, Wellbeing & Personal GROWTH Development - Learn More

The FUNDA Active For Life 'Recovery Curriculum'

FUNDA aims to EMPOWER, reboot, bounce back and RECOVER your child from a year like no other. We've designed the ultimate 'FUNDA School Recovery Programme/Curriculum' looking to partner with more schools across the North West, UK and international schools worldwide - Learn More

FUNDA May Half Term Holiday Camps & Childcare

We've been busy providing cost-effective, quality assured and Ofsted registered FUNDA Holiday Camps & Childcare, children love to attend and benefit from, even if you don't need childcare. This includes both Wraparound School Childcare, before/ after school and Holiday Camps during the school holidays all year round - Learn More


We've never stopped!

Because all our FUNDA team understand that children need FUNDA. Children make our hearts sing and we can't wait to EMPOWER your child this May Half Term, during the Summer 6-week holidays and all year round as we recover from a year like no other. 


Why Should Your Child Attend FUNDA?

1. School Ready - Activities for infant children and those ready to start school this September 2021. Our specially trained FUNDA Educators will engage and teach your child the FUNDAmentals and critical skills like; movement skills, communication, teamwork, resilience, resourcefulness and independent thinking.

2. Social Interaction - Children have missed their friends, social interaction in school, family or childminding bubbles for an entire year is not enough social interaction, children should be interacting in large groups and mixing with a variety of children.     

3. Physical Activity - Children achieve a daily average of 12,000 steps per day whilst attending FUNDA childcare. Children play, take part in games, sports and multi-activities to support their Physical Development, Education, Health, well-being & Personal GROWTH Development as well as critical 21st-century skills needed for; home, school and life.   

4. Confidence - Children will gain a sense of belonging and achievement as our FUNDA team give out stickers, certificates and giant FUNDA medals daily. 

5. Fitness - Children take part in physical activities, games, creative play and sports. FUNDA provide BIG giant inflatable obstacle courses, slides, pillow wars and more to make fitness FUN for all children that attend FUNDA Holiday Camps & Childcare. 

6. Fun - YES! Fun is in our name #FUNda, specially trained FUNDA staff will engage, inspire, motivate and EMPOWER your child to have fun. We use the latest curriculum, resources and delivery approaches to inspire ALL children. Our curriculum is trusted in over one hundred schools worldwide.

7. Recharge, Reset & Reboot - Children will forget COVID-19, they will forget this year's events and look forward to the future, to their new school year. Children will be ready to learn and GROW after attending FUNDA Holiday Camps & Childcare.  WARNING - Your child will want to attend FUNDA daily, even if you don't need childcare. #Fact

8. Mindset - Your child will take part in differentiated activities to support their body and mind. Children attending FUNDA will get instant access to FUNDA Greatness GROWTH mindset printable resources to support their Education, Health, Wellbeing & Personal GROWTH Development.

9. Develop Skills - Children will develop Physical, Emotional and Social skills whilst attending FUNDA Holiday Camps & Childcare. All our activities are child-centred, we provide structured and unstructured activities this includes theme days to make sure your child is entertained whilst developing skills without them even realising it.    

10. Timeout - Your children deserve a break, they need to be rewarded for getting through the COVID-19 year and so do YOU! Parents deserve a break, so go and book a spa day, take some time for yourself, switch off knowing your child is safe, entertained, active and having fun at FUNDA.


Our Feedback - Don't Just Take Our Word For It

FUNDA established for 16 years, is a multi-award winning, Ofsted registered, voted the top 30 most exciting company here in the North West, UK and officially recognised by Her Majesty The Queen. Take a look at our most recent feedback - View Now


FUNDA is for children aged 4-11 years, available at a venue near you. Limited places are available due to COVID-19 and high demand because parents want their child to have a fun experience and get a sense of normality the 'FUNDA WAY' - BOOK NOW

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