The Outstanding Physical Education (PE in-a-box™️)

FUNDA PE in-a-box EVERYTHING teachers need to teach OUTSTANDING Physical Education (PE) (Phys Ed), engaging and motivating your entire class all year round for just $29.99 USD (Christmas Special Offer) ...


Dec 15, 2021

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Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to teach physical education?

Look no further than the PE in-a-box

The ultimate 300+ Physical Education online resource bundle that provides busy teachers EVERYTHING you need to teach OUTSTANDING Physical Education (PE) (Phys Ed) while engaging your entire class to get moving and learning.

The best part?

🔸 It's totally customizable to fit your teaching style and your children's needs.

🔸 PE in-a-box™️ is also designed for infant children aged 4-7 years.

🔸 Teachers Pre-School, Early Years, Primary Reception, (Infants) Year 1, 2 and 3. Primary, Elementary, Kindergarten, Grade 1 and 2.

🔸 Everything is fully aligned to the UK Early Years Development Matters Framework (EYFS), primary school national curriculum and Shape America National Standards for K-2 Physical Education.


Children aged 4-7 is the most crucial age to make sure children get the ultimate ACTIVE START in life while developing those all-important FUNDAmental movement skills (FMS) laying the foundations for a lifetime of Physical and Emotional Literacy. (Active For Life).


What Is FUNDA PE in-a-box?

PE in-a-box 300+ physical activities, skill-based games, creative active play lesson plans, progress charting and teacher-friendly progress and assessment tools online all in one place providing teachers with (EVERYTHING you need to teach OUTSTANDING PE). 

What's Included?

🔸 300+ PE Lesson Plans, Physical Activities & Skill-Based Games, Warm-Up/ Cool Down Ideas (Value: $999)

🔸 150+ Emotional, Social Wellbeing Activities (Value: $99)

🔸 25+ Fine-Motor Skill Activities + Videos (Value: $29)

🔸 25+ EMPOWER Handout Cards (Value: $29)

🔸 The FUNDA Active Method™ (Value: Priceless)

🔸 The FUNDA Skills Formula™ (Value: Priceless) 

BONUS: Private Facebook Community For Paying Customers Only (Priceless)


RRP $99 

Get PE in-a-box now for just $29.99 (Christmas Special Offer) *Price will go up soon!! 

Pre-Order FUNDA PE in-a-box Now - Click Here! 

PE in-a-box is perfect for teachers who need new, fresh and exciting resources to engage their entire class. Teachers who struggle to teach Physical Education, are low in confidence and might need an easy to follow toolkit.

You might need everything laid out in one place, the ingredients to teach outstanding Physical Education (PE) (Phys Ed), you might be low-in confidence and often struggle to keep children's attention while teaching high-quality Physical Education.

You might be a Physical Education specialist who needs more lesson plans, skill-based games, methods, resources and ideas to skyrocket your Physical Education lessons. 

PE in-a-box has something for every teacher who teaches children aged 4 to 7 years old.

How Does FUNDA PE in-a-box Work?

Step 1. Pre-Order PE in-a-box for just £29.99 (Special Offer) - BUY NOW!

Step 2. Log In to your online FUNDA ZONE area where you will find PE in-a-box 300+ lesson plans, skill-based games, resources, assessment and EVERYTHING you need to teach OUTSTANDING Physical Education... You won't regret it! 

Step 3. Download, print and teach using your new, exciting, engaging, fun teacher-friendly Physical Education (PE) (Phys Ed) lessons. 

FUNDA Private Facebook Group Support. Get support from a loyal tribe of FUNDA loving Physical Education (PE) (Phys Ed) specialists, teachers, physical educators from around the world. You will also get support from our FUNDA team around the clock - View Now!

PE in-a-box is designed by teachers for teachers and we have a growing online community who all work together to support one another to teach OUSTANDING, engaging, exciting, inspiring, fun and teacher-friendly PE.   

PE in-a-box™️ is available to pre-order now and your login/ online access to this product will be available in your email inbox on the 5th January 2022 when the price will go up - BUY NOW!


The Benefits Of Using FUNDA PE in-a-box?

✅ Everything you need to teach Physical Education for children 4-7 years.

✅ Saving hassle, stress, planning and time.

✅ No more looking for teaching ideas on the internet.

✅ Boosts children's movement skills, learning, confidence and fitness levels.

✅ Teacher-friendly, done for you, grab and teach PE resources. 

✅ Costs less than $0.30 per lesson plan/resource.

✅ Makes PE come alive for both teachers and students. 

✅ Children will get changed in a world record-breaking time.

✅ Fresh, fun, physical activities, games and creative play. 

✅ Children will love taking part in your new look PE.

✅ Resources designed to captivate, inspire and engage all your children.

✅ Provides everything you need to teach high-quality PE.

✅ All resources are ideal for breakout activities, lunchtime/ recess. 

✅ All resources are delivered digitally, stored in your own PE in-a-box online area.

✅ Designed and tested in schools by a qualified team of teachers with decades of experience.

✅ Fully aligned to the UK national curriculum and USA Shape America National Standards. 

✅ Provides easy assessment, progress charting and success criteria for teachers.

✅ Provides hundreds of physical activities, games and creative, active play ideas.

✅ Children have so much fun, they won't realise how hard they're working and learning.

✅ Teach anywhere/anytime directly from your device or print what you need before every lesson, saving you planning and prep time.

✅ You will become your children's favourite and the best P.E teacher in school.

✅ Take your current PE scheme/programme to an all-new level.

✅ Easy to adapt and differentiate PE providing cross-curricular links with other subjects. 

✅ Ideal for breakout activities, outdoor play, PPA time, wet play, lunchtime games/ recess.

✅ Teach the FUNDAmental movement skills using teacher-friendly resources.

✅ Improve your teacher's confidence while teaching PE. 

✅ PE designed by teachers for teachers.

✅ Helps those teachers who are not specially trained to teach PE.

✅ Friendly sequence, scheme of learning, a guide for teachers to easily adapt and use. 

✅ Physical Education & Child Centred will help with school readiness. 

✅ The ultimate Curriculum map, scheme of work and sequence of lessons refers to the areas of development addressed by the curriculum. 

✅  The sequence/scheme includes plans and materials for learning experiences to support and extend children's learning at various levels of development and is heavily focussed on: Physical, Emotional and Social Wellbeing while making sure children are physically literate/ active for a lifetime.  

Lay the foundation for a healthy lifestyle with this curriculum designed specifically for K-2. Manual includes instructional units with daily lesson plans and 300+ activities! Engage your youngest children and skyrocket your current PE programme.


Why Should You Purchase FUNDA PE in-a-box?

PE in-a-box™️ will provide busy teachers overwhelmed by increased planning and prep time while giving you 300+ lesson plans, skill-based games, physical activities, creative active play and assessment all in one place for you to access online anywhere-anytime. 

You can instantly access your PE in-a-box and evidently see the engagement and impact on your children's learning, not only that we will provide you with the assessment and progress charting to track and measure the impact guaranteed to give you the return on investment (ROI) from your huge investment of just $29.99 USD *The price will go up soon! 

You also get unlimited access to the FUNDA Private Facebook Group of FUNDA loving paying customers only who all love teaching Physical Education (PE) (Phys Ed) as much as you. 

You will form connections and teacher friends from all over the world, you will support each other, ask questions, share ideas, resources, lesson plans, games and how to use your FUNDA PE in-a-box purchase.

Finally, you will access our FUNDA specially trained educators/teachers knowledge, skills and support all year round from inside the FUNDA Facebook Private Group.

PRE-ORDER PE in-a-box now for just $29.99 - BUY NOW!


Try 1 of 300+ FUNDA PE in-a-box Lesson Plans

Our FUNDA Physical Education (PE) (Phys Ed) lesson plans are trusted by 100+ schools, 1000's of teachers worldwide, everything is designed by teachers for teachers and can easily be adapted for any scenario in school.

FUNDA Active Physical Education Lesson Plans are: 

🔸 Teacher-friendly and easy to follow.

🔸 Structured in a fun, safe, meaningful way to develop FUNDAmental movement skills (FMS) and to provide children with a themed active start in life. 

🔸 Warm-Up, Main Activity, Differentiation, Teaching Points, Diagrams, Cool Down, Notes, Plenary and Links to Resources printed double-sided giving you EVERYTHING you need to grab and teach the ultimate, engaging, outstanding teacher-friendly Physical Education PE

Don't just take our word for it, try 1 of 300+ PE in-a-box lesson plans for FREE - PE in-a-box Physical Education Lesson Plan - Download Now!

Just download your FREE lesson plan, print and follow the instructions to teach and deliver an outstanding Physical Education lesson and remember to let us have your feedback and there is 300+ more for just $29.99 *Price will go up soon - BUY NOW!


Who Should Use FUNDA PE in-a-box?

Our FUNDA Physical Education PE in-a-box is for: 

🔸Children aged 4 to 7 years

🔸Teachers & Physical Educators 


🔸 Pre School, Early Years, Year 1, 2 and 3 Kindergarten, Grade 1 and 2.

🔸 Teaching Assistants/ Sub Teachers 

🔸 Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SENCO) 

🔸 Pastoral Care Workers

🔸 Critical Key Workers (Children's Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists)

PE in-a-box is perfect for busy, overworked, stressed-out teachers who already have 12+ core subjects to teach, struggle to engage and inspire all your children while teaching Physical Education. This product is ideal for a Physical Education specialist to add new methods, 300+ skill-based games, physical activities, PE lesson plans and more to your growing bank of games and knowledge.

Teachers who understand the importance of teaching Physical Education (PE) (Phys Ed) and wants to accelerate children's learning whilst at the same time boosting physical, emotional, social wellbeing, health, nutrition and fitness. 

COVID-19 has resulted in children being at least one year behind, FUNDA PE in-a-box will give teachers and physical educators all the tools, resources and growing community you need to EMPOWER children's lives to reboot, bounce back and RECOVER from COVID.

PE in-a-box will provide teaching assistants, sub teachers with 300+ physical education lesson plans, skill-based games, physical activities, creative active play lesson plans and additional resources to engage, inspire, motivate and empower your entire class. Teachers will also grow in confidence and learn new skills to add to your continued professional development (CPD). 

PE in-a-box can be differentiated and adapted to support children with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities (SEND) all resources are designed to support children's physical FUNDAmental movement skills, emotional, social wellbeing, nutrition, health and fitness.

The National Health Service (NHS) Children's hospitals here in the UK Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists and children's activators are also using PE in-a-box on children's wards up and down the country, providing trust professionals with resources to engage, inspire, motivate and EMPOWER children's physical and emotional literacy as well as raising aspirations and their outlook on life.   


Get The FREE Book [Digital Copy] Worth $20.00 USD When You Purchase FUNDA PE in-a-box 😲

Special Christmas/ Holiday Season bonus: Pre-Order FUNDA PE in-a-box today and get the FUNDA Greatness Book +177 resources for FREE!!! This book is selling on Amazon for £15.97 GDP or $25.00 USD - View Book On Amazon 

The FUNDA Greatness Book was created and published during COVID-19 LOCKDOWN specially designed to boost children's Physical, Emotional, Social Wellbeing, Health, Nutrition and Fitness these activities will give you a taste of some of the value inside PE in-a-box.

PRE-ORDER PE in-a-box now for just $29.99 - BUY NOW!





Have you ever wished to engage, inspire, motivate and EMPOWER your entire class teaching high-quality, outstanding Physical Education (PE) (Phys Ed)? 

Do you want to boost children's physical, emotional, social wellbeing and help your class have a better understanding of health, nutrition and wellness?

Do they know how to take care of themselves when they're sick, or do you have to nag them constantly about eating healthy foods?

Do you need more Physical Education resources to skyrocket your current PE programme/curriculum? 

Do you need all the ingredients, teaching methods and teacher-friendly Physical Education approach designed to inspire you and your children? 

This is where FUNDA PE in-a-box comes in. With the click of a button, you'll PRE-ORDER online access to 300+ Physical Education lessons plans, skill-based games, physical activities, creative active play, assessment, progress charting, ideas and so much more. 

You will also get unlimited access to the FUNDA Facebook Community *For paying customers only and a FREE bonus copy of the FUNDA Greatness Book [Digital Copy] 177+ printable resources that will EMPOWER, reboot, bounce back and RECOVER your entire class.

Once purchased you'll get instant access to the FUNDA Facebook Community and FUNDA Greatness Book 177 printable resources.

You will then be part of the exciting build-up.

Your PE in-a-box online access will be ready and dropped in your email inbox on the 5th January 2022 where you can access EVERYTHING you need to teach outstanding, engaging Physical Education and we can't wait to get your feedback.

The best part is that it's only $29.99 USD!! *The price will go up soon!!

Pre-Order FUNDA PE in-a-box Now - Click Here! 

Pre-Order FUNDA PE in-a-box Now - Click Here!