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How to get your FUNDA PE, School Sport or PPA Provision funded?

Are you looking for ways to get your FUNDA PE, School Sport or PPA Provision funded? Look no further! Here's how to FUNDA your provision and EMPOWER your teachers and pupils to RECOVER from COVID.

Apr 28, 2022


FUNDA has been established for 16 years, we have an amazing team of 70+ full-time specially trained FUNDA teachers/educators and coaches who are fully equipped to EMPOWER your school, teachers and pupils.

FUNDA school programmes, curriculum, resources and FUNDA active methods are specially designed to inspire all your pupils to get ACTIVE, boosting physical, emotional, and social wellbeing, health, nutrition and fitness. 

FUNDA will level up the playing field, delivering high-quality PE provision proven to inspire all pupils and support teachers along the way. 

FUNDA is a multi-award winning, holistic school and child development programme using high-quality Physical Education (PE), sport and pastoral care that will impact your school and meets all the Sports Premium, Ofsted accountability measures. 

FUNDA will save your teachers stress. Save your school money/budget. The best thing about FUNDA is that we can get your PE, school sport, PPA cover or curriculum funded. 


FUNDA Recovery Provision For Schools

COVID has impacted everybody around the globe, especially schools and it's our obligation to be the COVID response on the front line supporting schools, teachers and children who need FUNDA the most because CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE! 

Children have spent more time sitting and less time doing, in-fact children have spent more time inside than prison inmates. 1 in 5 children leaving primary school is obese.

Teachers and your pupils have been through enough, two years of disruption, evidence shows that most pupils especially in the early years are two years behind. 

School's budgets have been damaged and most schools are struggling to pay for basic resources, staff cover, retention, wellbeing and interventions to support the recovery of their teachers and pupils. 

FUNDA promise to be the COVID-19 response on the front line, supporting schools, teachers and the UK government's RECOVERY because children's lives have been damaged: 


FUNDA The Ultimate Solution For Schools

So you know the damage COVID has had on your school, your parents, governors and Ofsted are constantly seeking what EXTRA provision your school is doing to support the RECOVERY and wellbeing of your pupils and teachers.

That's where FUNDA comes in and did you know you can get your FUNDA PE, School Sport, PPA or Pastoral Care provision funded? 

You can also claim one of our FUNDA giveaways worth £600+ and if that isn't enough, our FUNDA team can turn up at your school with one of our BIG, giant FUNDA inflatables to help your teachers and pupils bounce back for FREE!! - No catch.

One of our FUNDA inflatables is the size of a blue whale 🐳 that equates to nine elephants standing side-by-side 🐘. That's the only catch!



What To Do Next? 

We've made it super easy for schools to claim your FUNDA giveaway worth £600+, you will learn how to get your PE, school sport, pastoral care or PPA provision funded, proven to RECOVER your teachers and pupils. (NEW Schools Only).

What to do next : 

Claim your free FUNDA giveaway worth £600+

It's really that easy.

Once your school has signed up it is compulsory that FUNDA meets with your school, headteacher or senior leadership team to confirm a date, time and any special requirements to make sure we have everything in place for your BIG day.

During our 45min meeting time, we will showcase FUNDA and how we can get your PE, school sport, pastoral care, and extracurricular clubs funded by FUNDA all year round.

WARNING: We have limited availability and schools are booking fast! 

CALL: 01282 525 200

Terms & Conditions:

NEW Schools Only. North West, UK Schools Only. First, come-first serve, schools must book a 45-minute meeting with our founder Kieran Fletcher and our FUNDA team to confirm the health and safety, dates, times etc.

EMPOWER-Reboot-Bounce Back & RECOVER your School


Don't Just Take Our Word For It