Funded School Sport, PE Or PPA Provision

Now is the time to Engage, Inspire, Motivate & EMPOWER your entire school to Reboot, Bounce Back & RECOVER From COVID-19...

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Schools need funding these days, and this one has limited availability.
Get your school Sport, PE or PPA provision funded, plus £600 worth of FREE giveaways from FUNDA! Schools are taking advantage of this right now with time running out to take up before it's too late - save your school budget while still maintaining high quality school sport, PE or PPA lessons that will make a difference to your entire school, teachers and pupils physical health but mental wellbeing as well.
Schools are taking advantage of this right now, with limited availability.
Get your school provision funded starting from September 2021!

Free FUNDA Giveaways Worth £600:  

FUNDA made a pledge to help schools EMPOWER your teachers and pupils by providing everything we have that will help your pupils catch up and RECOVER from a year like no other.

Our Free FUNDA Giveaways worth over £600 include: 

  • Fun Inflatable RECOVERY Experience (Half Day)
  • EMPOWER Teacher Workshop (2-Hour) 
  • Greatness Book +177 Printable *Online Resources 
  • Active For Life PE, PSHE Curriculum (SOW) *Online Access 
  • Active Story Physical Development (EYFS) Curriculum (SOW) *Online Acccess
  • EMPOWER & RECOVERY (Virtual) or (In-Person) Class Lesson 

So many schools are now taking advantage of these FUNDA giveaways, they are really making a positive difference to schools, especially the ones that are forward thinking, have a GROWTH mindset, who's pupils are ready to learn and teachers ready to GROW! 


Funded School Sport, PE Or PPA Provision  

FUNDA has the school income generating system, developed over 16 years.

School business managers, senior leadership, PE leads and your teachers love how we save them time, stress and their school budget. Every school wishes they found out about their FUNDA provision sooner. 

Your school gets more for less #Fact 

  • +PE & Teacher CPD Provision 
  • +PPA Provision 
  • +Enrichment & Intervention Provision 
  • +Extra Curricular Before, During & After School Provision 
  • +Curriculum, Schemes Of Work, Resources *Netflix Style 
  • +Progress Charting, Assessment Tools 
  • +School Impact (Showcase Governours & Ofsted)
  • +Teacher CPD Workshops 
  • Quality Assurance Checks 

...And so much more for less. 

Now, we all know what you're thinking... How? 

We will save our FUNDA income generating secrets for your school meeting - Book Meeting

You will meet ME, Kieran Fletcher the founder of FUNDA and I must warn you that I'm the most enthusiastic, passionate, driven individual who will do anything to EMPOWER your school whilst helping you raise happy, confident, ACTIVE, resourceful and resilient children, who are ready to succeed in life. 


GET £600 School Giveaway & BOOK Your Meeting Today! 


Your teachers and pupils have been through enough, you have the power to introduce FUNDA School Sport, PE or PPA provision into your weekly school timetable.

How FUNDA will make a positive difference in your school:

  • Save your school budget
  • Generate income
  • Save time
  • Reduce teachers stress
  • Meet Ofsted Accountability Measures 
  • Effective Sports & Pupil Premium Spending
  • Boost health, wellbeing & fitness
  • EMPOWER your pupils

FUNDA is multi-award winning, Ofsted registered, officially recognised by her majesty the Queen and voted the top-30 most exciting company in the North West, UK. 

FUNDA now partners over one hundred schools and so many schools have booked their giveaway worth £600 and got funded provision. 

Is your school missing out?


Schools are struggling to get back on their feet after Covid-19.
But we can help!
Get Funded School Sport, PE or PPA Provision for your school that will EMPOWER your entire school and even reboot and bounce up a few notches getting your teachers and pupils to where they were before this virus came into play.
Book your FUNDA school GiveAway worth £600 and book your meeting to find out how to get  funded FUNDA school sport, PE or PPA provision. Together we'll be able to take an important step in getting your pupils and teachers lives back on track with some much needed physical, emotional, health, wellbeing and personal GROWTH development  activity.

GET £600 School Giveaway & BOOK Your Meeting Today!

GET £600 School Giveaway & BOOK Your Meeting Today!



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GET £600 School Giveaway & BOOK Your Meeting Today!

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