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FUNDA Childcare (Ofsted Inspection Outstanding)

Recently Ofsted inspected our FUNDA Childcare. We are delighted with their report and how they summed up our physical activity-based Childcare.

Jul 11, 2022


First of all, FUNDA would like to thank Ofsted for their glowing report, it's great to receive feedback from others and we couldn't of summed up our FUNDA Childcare any better:


βœ… Children of all ages enjoy their time at FUNDA (Positive and Energetic) 


βœ… Children say that they feel lucky to attend FUNDA. 


βœ… Children laugh as they run around pretending to be rockets.


βœ… They jump up and down in excitement as their team completes a challenge set by the staff.


βœ… Children are happy and confident.


βœ… Children benefit from the focus that the club places on promoting children's physical and emotional well-being.


βœ… They spend the majority of their time actively engaging in physical games that promote teamwork, social skills, resilience and problem-solving.


βœ… Children show great determination as they work together.


βœ… Children enjoy being active and are developing their physical skills well.


βœ… Children play happily alongside each other.


βœ… They take turns and interact safely in their play.


βœ… Younger children benefit from the kindness shown to them by the older children, who support them to join in and to follow the rules of the games.


Click the link below to read the full Ofsted Inspection Report: 


 Ofsted Inspection Report - View Now!

Thank You

We would like all our FUNDA team, teachers, helpers, volunteers and supporters to take a bow. FUNDA would also like to thank all our children, parents, families and schools for trusting FUNDA. 

Parents - FUNDA wants to see your child attending FUNDA Holiday Camps & Childcare throughout the summer. 

Schools - If you want to revamp your Wraparound Childcare - Contact Us!

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