The FUNDA Greatness Show : Jay Rodriguez

Burnley FC & Premier League Player Jay Rodriguez joined Kieran the founder of FUNDA on this weeks LIVE show ...

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The FUNDA Greatness Podcast Show *LIVE:

The FUND Greatness Podcast & Live Show aims to Engage, Inspire, Motivate & Empower you the adult and children to unlock your full potential and achieve your  GREATNESS. 

The FUNDA Greatness Show will be interviewing Professional Athletes, Coaches, Celebrities and Entrepreneurs. Kieran the founder of FUNDA will present questions and create key learning opportunities to learn from some of the GREATEST. 

Children will get an understanding of what it takes to unlock your full potential and maybe apply this learning to their everyday lives.

FUNDA Greatness aims to inspire ALL and not just the gifted and talented children providing education, physical and personal development opportunities for our audience and children around the world.   

Special Guest: Jay Rodriguez  

Special Guest, Professional Footballer & Premier League Striker: Jay Rodriguez

Premier League Professional Footballer

 Burnley FC Striker

Burnley FC Player Of The Year & Players, Player Of The Year Awards

Started His Career At Burnley FC Progressing Through Their Youth System

Burnley Born, Schooled And One Of Our Own #BrilliantBurnley

Played For England At Wembley Stadium In The Same Team As Frank Lampard

...And so much more! 

Jay Rodriguez really does give back to our community, he also supports Pendleside Hospice a local charity who do GREAT things here in Burnley

We ask Jay all kinds of questions so that we can learn how to unlock your child's full potential and achieve GREATNESS: 

What's it like to play for England?  

What's it like to sing the National Anthem?   

What's it like to score and play against Manchester United? 

Including a live Q&A with children and some of our partnering FUNDA schools, this show is not to be missed, and if you did miss the FUNDA Greatness Show you can watch it back using the details below: 

Missed The FUNDA Greatness Show?

Did you miss the Live FUNDA Greatness Show?

You can WATCH the FUNDA Greatness Show back, the video is above this blog post.

You can also watch the show back on all our FUNDA Active Social Media Channels, please remember to share to inspire more children to unlock their full potential and achieve GREATNESS!   


Message From Kieran The Founder Of FUNDA 

I would like to say thanks to Jay Rod for taking his time out to join me on my second episode of the FUNDA Greatness Podcast & Live Show. Lately, you will have hopefully noticed my FUNDA presence on social media. 

I'm trying everything to reach out and make a positive difference to children's lives and this is all I know. My FUNDA team and I are really missing all our FUNDA loving children, holiday camps and teaching in schools. 

I really care about your children, their education, physical and personal development and this show is one way of adding value to help you the adult engage, inspire, motivate and empower your children to unlock your full potential and achieve GREATNESS.  

Thanks for reading this post until the end... 

Talk soon, 

Kieran Fletcher (Founder Of FUNDA) 

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