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How To Start Your 14 Day Challenge In 3 Easy Steps:   

The WINNER Will Be The Parent, Child & Family Who Shares Their Work The Most!

Fine Motor Skills

Step 1: 

Get Instant Access Online

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Health Education Resources For Parents

Step 2: 

Take Part With Your Kids

get To Work Using All The FUNDA Resources, Activities & Challenges Online

Hygiene For Kids

Step 3: 

Showcase Your Work 

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Hi, I'm Kieran

I struggled in school. I was an active learner, but a destructive participant in the classroom. I had teachers and children make fun of me for not being able to do basic things they could. I was however great at one thing. Playing sport, especially football. And it was the only thing that could keep my attention and focus on it, so much so that I wanted to become a professional footballer.

I came close to achieving my dream, until one night I had a near fatal car crash, that made me re-evaluate my life choices, and make a decision to make an positive difference in the lives of children and their families to show them that they could achieve whatever they wanted to and live life to their fullest potential.

Kieran Fletcher The Founder Of FUNDA Active & Greatness

I invented FUNDA to help children learn basic movement skills and not just SPORTS, I woke up one night with one of those lightbulb moments and that is when the FUNDA brand was born. Getting children active, engaging them through learning and having fun whilst doing so. I want to help your child and family realise that they can be anything they want to be in life if they truly believe in themselves.

I have been blessed to have been recognised for my work in the industry, as a multi award winning business and Entrepreneur of the Year. We have officially been recognised by Her Majesty the Queen, who said,

Keep Up The Excellent Work And Efforts With What You Deliver To Children And Our Communities. I look Forward To Meeting You Once Again In The Near Future”.

(Her Majesty The Queen Of England)

Kieran Fletcher Meets The Queen

My mission is to get the FUNDA message out to the world and to get children all around the world to have access to this amazing material, resources and the 'FUNDA WAY' curriculum so they can realise and live life to their fullest potential.

Together myself and my FUNDA team will ENGAGE, INSPIRE, MOTIVATE & EMPOWER your child at home, in school and for life.

Download the "FUNDA Greatness Book Sample & Resources" now and learn how UNLOCK your child's FULL potential...


You'll Also Get Free Unlimited Access To FUNDA Greatness Online For The Duration Of Your 14-Day Challenge 


FUNDA Greatness 
[On Demand] Education, Physical & Personal Development For Kids

What's Included:

★ Physical Education, Activity, Games & Play ★  

★ 30 Minute Breakout Activities ★ 

★ Personal Development & Mindset ★ 

★ Movement & Fitness To Music ★ 

★ Health Education, Hygiene & Manners ★ 

★ Problem Solving Challenges ★ 

★ Outside Adventure Active Learning ★ 

★ Old Traditional Games ★ 

★ Yoga & Mindfulness ★ 

★ Active Maths, Phonics & Storytelling ★ 

★ Music Jukebox, Audio Books & Podcasts ★ 

★ Home Schooling Daily Timetable & Structure With Links To Your Resources ★

★ Virtual Online FUNDA Educator Lessons ★  

Plus these FUNDAtastic BONUSES:

★ 5 FUNDA Active STORY Books, (PDF, Powerpoint, Video & Audio Format) ★ 

★ Access To FUNDA Greatness Private Facebook Group ★ 

★ Around The Clock Support Comment & Chat Anytime, Anywhere ★  

★ Updated Weekly By Our Specially Trained FUNDA Educators/ Teachers ★ 


Here's Some Of Our Resources Below That Will Engage, Inspire, Motivate & Empower Your Children To Learn ...

★ Updated Weekly By Our FUNDA Educators And Teachers ★


The Benefits For Your Child...

Empowering Your Child To UNLOCK their FULL potential and achieve ★GREATNESS★

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FUNDA Greatness For Kids

Here's How To Share Your Work...

FUNDA Greatness For Kids & Parents

"Spotted By Kieran Attending FUNDA"

Maddy plays football for Liverpool FC and England. Her talent was spotted at the age of five when she started attending FUNDA. Kieran said she was good enough to trial for a club, so we did. I would recommend FUNDA to guide your child's physical and personal development, who knows where they might end up?

- Rebecca Duffy - 

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FUNDA Family Challenge

"What have we been doing not signing up sooner!!"

Signed up to the Greatness Online School. Oh my goodness what have we been doing not signing up sooner!! In the week during isolation we spent £75 on games and activities from a major local superstore, they lasted us 2hrs. Since subscribing to the Funda package we’re still working our way through the content and engaging so well with our children. Highly recommended! Especially in the tough testing times.

- Craig Cox - 

FUNDA Family Challenge

"The Most Unique Platform"

FUNDA greatness, on demand, is the most unique platform for children and parents that I have been on. Jasika Rae has started navigating her way round and is having the best time. The dashboard of activities, stories and games are perfectly tailormade for their ever-growing mind and have been cleverly designed. Even I have been taught a thing or two. With new tasks etc, being added from the start. The site is easily accessed with straightforward instructions of how to travel round to each link of FUNDAtasic greatness. 

- Tracy 'Sunter' Bond - 

FUNDA Family Challenge Feedback

"Interactive & Suitable For All"

It's fun, there's so much to choose from online. A wide range of topics that genuinely kids are interested in. Our girl is a typical highly active 7yr old so we very much appreciate all the games and physical activities etc. We love taking part outside, all are based on the FUNDAmentals of learning. We've poured over tonnes of resources from across the internet and various recommendations from educators/ friends but we find FUNDA's the most user friendly, interactive and suitable for all that we've come across. We know your FUNDA team have worked hard to get all this content out and it shows. Thanks again.

- Alie Salford  - 

FUNDA Greatness

"The Best Home Schooling"

Absolutely Recommend just watching that video tonight from Kieran at FUNDA about FUNDA Greatness online to help our children through this difficult time. With school closures is a weight off my shoulders and I am so grateful to him and the FUNDA team for allowing us to help our children. The best home schooling around.

- Donna Neal - 

FUNDA Greatness Kid
FUNDA Active OfSTED Registered
FUNDA Staff DBS Checked Childcare
FUNDA Primary School PE, Holiday Camps & Childcare Lancashire
FUNDA Sub 36 Business Award Winners Lancashire
FUNDA Active Lancashire Red Rose Award Winners

"I Can't Wait To Help You Unlock Your Children's Full Potential & Achieve ★GREATNESS★ Good Luck!

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