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Engage, inspire, motivate and EMPOWER children's lives to get ACTIVE, learn and have fun the FUNDA way all year round supporting schools, teachers, parents and your community:

Franchise Cost £19,500 + VAT 

✅ 100% Government Funding Available

✅ Government Childcare Funding Available

✅ Earn £75,000+ Profit - Year 1

✅ Earn £136,000+ Profit - Year 2

✅ Over £250,00+ Profit - Year 3

✅ Quick Organic Growth

✅ Superb Head Office Marketing

✅ OUTSTANDING Training & Support

✅ Business Mentor (12 Months) *Included

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EMPOWER children's lives!

This is a life-changing opportunity!

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Introducing The Outstanding FUNDA Franchise

FUNDA is the ultimate multi-award-winning, Ofsted registered business with a 16-year pedigree that is recognised as the North West, UK most exciting organisation. 

FUNDA has grown to become the leader and innovator in activity-based Childcare in the UK and is officially recognised by Her Majesty the Queen. 👑

Our aim is to get millions of children ACTIVE everyday teaching and sharing the FUNDA WAY designed and proven to get children active for a lifetime. 

FUNDA boosts children's physical, emotional, social wellbeing, health, nutrition and fitness while providing cost-effective, quality-assured physical activity-based childcare, programmes, resources and services for schools, teachers, parents and local agencies - all year round.

If you share our vision and truly care about the future and development of our children and the next generation as we reboot, bounce back and recover from these most difficult of times we would love to talk to you.

But before you consider if this is the right opportunity for you please take your time to go through the details we have put together in the FUNDA Franchise Prospectus which will give you more information about this exciting opportunity that is worth waking up for every day knowing you are making a positive difference in the world...


The FUNDA Franchise Income Potential

£19,500 +VAT

Franchise Cost


Annual Turnover (Year 3)


Annual Gross Profit (Year 3)

A Truly Remarkable Journey 

This is a truly remarkable journey started and conceived by Kieran Fletcher.

Kieran nearly made it as a professional footballer until he had a horrific car accident that changed the course of his life. Kieran turned his focus into education, learning and self-development having progressed through college and university obtaining a degree in High-Performance Sports Coaching and Child Development amongst 50+ sports coaching qualifications to add to his C.V.

Kieran started learning his trade juggling three part-time coaching children, teaching and working as a children's party entertainer to pay the bills and put his knowledge into practice, sharpening his tools learning and having fun along the way. Kieran found the love for learning and self-development taking on an extra programme called New Business Enterprise this triggered the taste buds for business enterprises developing multiple start-up business plans.

One night Kieran woke up in the early hours of the morning with one of those light bulb moments and started jotting down ideas and creating the start of a business plan to teach and coach children in a fun way inspiring all children taking part to get active, learn, develop those all important FUNDAmental movement skills, health, emotional wellbeing, nutrition and fitness. Kieran submitted his business plan to the local business support hub who approved and awarded Kieran with a £1,500 start-up grant. 

This is when FUNDA was born. 

Kieran invested in a small rusty old van and big giant inflatable, he started travelling around Lancashire schools delivering FUNDA Active Inflatable Fun Days. He then employed his first staff member and the rest is history.  

Today Kieran is the proud founder and creative director of everything FUNDA, who leads a team of 70+ full-time specially trained and dedicated FUNDA team of Physical Educators, Coaches, Teachers, Childcare Practitioners, Marketing, Office Operations, Business Development & Marketing along with £200,000+ self-professional development and leadership mentorship that all forms the ultimate foundations for business growth and franchisee support.   

Kieran is a multi-award winning Entrepreneur, Physical Education, Child Development & Childcare Expert, Children’s Author, Speaker and Change-Maker whose mission is to EMPOWER children’s lives worldwide. He has developed an organisation, teaching methods, curriculum and a very special ethos that is designed totally around the positive physical, emotional, social development and empowerment of the most precious but vulnerable members of society – Our Children.

FUNDA partners 1000's of teachers/schools worldwide, voted the North West, UK top-30 most exciting company (2021) and is officially recognised by Her Majesty The Queen 👑 


Make FUNDA Your Business!

Start your FUNDA Franchise you will be investing in a multi-award winning organisation that has taken children's activities and childcare to the next level. 

You will initially be offering FIVE full 'Circular' linked, tried, tested and proven income-generating services that form your core franchise offer:

>> Wraparound Childcare

>> Holiday Camps

>> Children's Birthday Parties

>> Activity Clubs

>> Inflatable Fun Days

You will soon come to learn that each of these services and programmes are very much interlinked, the schools, teachers, children, families and local authorities will over subscribe to all parts of your award-winning FUNDA service offering in your area.

Don't worry you will get outstanding support along the way as you start, scale and make FUNDA your business creating a lifestyle that works around you.

You will get the ultimate job satisfaction from empowering children's lives every day by teaching and sharing the FUNDA WAY all year round.

Are you interested?

Start your FUNDA Franchise today!...


⓵ Wraparound Childcare

Breakfast/after school physical activity-based Childcare designed to get children ACTIVE boosting physical, emotional, social wellbeing, health, nutrition and fitness while providing cost-effective, quality-assured, Ofsted registered Childcare for working parents. 

No longer will children be left to their own devices playing computer games, building lego or sitting playing chess or board games when it comes to before and after school childcare. Specially trained FUNDA Physical Educators and Childcare practitioners will teach and deliver FUNDA physical activities, games, challenges, sports, competitions and creative active play. 

Schools, teachers and parents will love you forever because you will be supporting children's development in a way that boosts physical, emotional, social wellbeing, health, nutrition and fitness. You will be supporting children's personal development, concentration, behaviour and academic attainment in school, at home and for life. You will be helping children to become active, happy, resourceful, confident and resilient who are ready to succeed in life.

FUNDA Childcare children love to attend, grow and benefit from, even if you don't need childcare!

⓶ Holiday Camps

Keeping children ACTIVE during the school holidays all year round while providing quality-assured, Ofsted registered Childcare for working families. 

FUNDA Active For Life Teaching Method structured physical activities, games, multi-sports, competitions, big giant inflatables and creative active play creates the ultimate, safe and nurturing environment proven to entertain, motivate and inspire children all day long while their parents are busy at work.    

Our main aim is to make sure children are safe, ACTIVE, healthy, social and having fun whilst they are away from school. Children deserve a holiday and working families deserve a break.

FUNDA Holiday Camps are initially linked with the Wraparound Childcare you provide during term time. Parents are working longer hours than ever before due to economic inflation which means that quality-assured, cost-effective Childcare is in high demand all year round.

The great thing about this business model is that you already have a relationship with children and families who attend your Wraparound Childcare, already trust you and need school holiday cover. 

Ask yourself this question... What Parents wouldn't want to boost their child's Physical, Emotional, Social Wellbeing, Nutrition, Health & Fitness during the school holidays?   


Quality Childcare is under provisioned in the UK...

"The evidence is clear that parents want wraparound and holiday childcare for school age children but we know that for many parents it can be difficult finding something suitable and affordable. The Parents’ views and experiences of the childcare survey suggested that 62% of parents of children aged 5 or over, where at least one parent in the household was working or searching for work, required some form of wraparound childcare (most commonly after school). The same survey showed that three in ten parents with a need for wraparound childcare were unable to find it.”

The Department For Education, 2021

⓷ Birthday Parties

The best children's Birthday Party in town! Bespoke, flexible, tailored and specially designed to entertain every child, providing the #No1 hassle and stress-free party planning solution for busy parents.

You will provide the ultimate physical activity-based children's party jam-packed with games, races, competition, inflatables, stickers, certificates and prizes.

You will be the go-to Children's Birthday Party provider in your area. And with our award-winning marketing concepts and delivery methods, your bookings will be rolling in all year round giving you a great chance to show your ideal customer (Parents) the active fun their children have while taking part in FUNDA. 

Once again our 'Circular' business model means that children who attend Wraparound & Holiday Camps Childcare are always the first to book FUNDA party celebrations giving you the perfect opportunity to promote Holiday Camps and your FUNDA service offerings to a new group of children and of course parents. 

Take a look at one of our party videos below which will show you why FUNDA Birthday Parties are the best party in town for miles around!


⓸ Activity Classes

Parents are crying out for Sports, Activities & Creative Active Play Classes for their children to attend all year round.

You will pack out your weeks with children's activity classes before school, after school clubs and weekend Sports coaching sessions.

Using your stress-free online booking system and cutting edge marketing support from FUNDA head office you will have all your classes fully booked in no time. You will help parents to raise active, confident, happy, resourceful and resilient children who are ready to succeed in life. Children's activity classes will give you another opportunity to promote your Holiday Camps, Birthday Parties and FUNDA service offerings.

You will find that your FUNDAbusiness turnover has no limitations and endless opportunities for GROWTH! 

⓹ Inflatable Fun Days

The ultimate opportunity to EMPOWER, reboot, bounce back and RECOVER children's lives while supporting teachers in schools.

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in children behind 2 years behind or even longer in terms of their physical, emotional and social development. Schools and Teachers will grasp at any opportunity to boost physical, emotional, social wellbeing, health, nutrition and fitness.

In fact, teachers also need support with their wellbeing, health, stress levels and fitness.

The FUNDA Inflatable RECOVERY Days gives you the perfect opportunity to create long term relationships with schools, showcase the positive difference you make in the world while plugging your Wraparound Childcare, Holiday Camps & Birthday Parties all year round in between your other service delivery.

You can deliver mornings, afternoons, after school or at the weekends for those important Parents, Teachers & Friends Association (PTFA) school fairs or fundraising opportunities. Schools are always looking for something exciting and new to benefit their entire school.  

So as you can see this opportunity is a win-win situation for everyone involved that is child-centred and completes the FUNDA 'Circular' Service Offering resulting in you getting active, having fun and getting paid for your valuable time while getting the ultimate satisfaction from changing lives along the way.

Is FUNDA really a job, a business or is it a fun hobby? 


Repeated isolation has damaged pupils progress...

"Repeated isolation has chipped away at the progress pupils have made since returning to school. Inspectors heard that repeated absences due to COVID-19 outbreaks have resulted in pupils losing more learning. Many children are thought to be at least 6 months behind where they should be. And for a significant number of pupils, repeated periods of self-isolation have chipped away at the progress they have been able to make since September". 

The Department For Education, 2021

Keep Up The Excellent Work!

"Keep up the excellent work and efforts with what you deliver to children and our communities.
I look forward to meeting you once again in the near future". 

Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II 

The FUNDA Methods 

FUNDA has developed the ultimate Trademarked FUNDA Active For Life Teaching Method.

All our services, programmes, curriculum, books, lessons and activities adopt our unique way of teaching, specially designed and proven to engage, inspire, motivate and EMPOWER children to get ACTIVE for a lifetime.

❌ ONE in four children is obese by the time they leave primary school and rates have leapt during the pandemic. 

❌ FOUR out of FIVE children in the UK do not meet the recommended levels of Physical Activity.

❌ Children are spending more time sitting and less time doing.

❌ Children are spending more time isolated inside than prison inmates. 

❌ Parents are crying out for quality physical activity classes for their children to attend.

❌ The working parent needs to work longer hours than ever before due to economic inflation. 

There is no better opportunity than NOW to get children ACTIVE and BOOST children's physical, emotional, social wellbeing, health, nutrition and fitness.

Together we will EMPOWER children to reboot, bounce back and RECOVER from COVID-19 while providing the ultimate education, child development and cost-effective childcare for children and families across the UK. 


EMPOWER Children's Lives Everyday!



Social Wellbeing




Personal Development

Creative Active Play

Why Schools, Teachers, Parents & Government Agencies Choose FUNDA

Our FUNDA ethos developed over 16+ years resonates with anybody centred around Child welfare and holistic development.

Together we will Engage, Inspire, Motivate & EMPOWER Children's lives to get ACTIVE, learn and grow to become confident, happy, resourceful and resilient children who are ready to succeed in school, at home and in life.

We extend the school day the ‘FUNDA Active WAY’ providing Ofsted Registered, Quality Assured & Cost-Effective Physical Activity-Based Childcare all year round taking the stress and pressure away from schools, improving the quality of activities and Wraparound Childcare provision while generating school extra income to improve their school budget.

We support parents and teachers becoming the ultimate Physical Educator, Coach or Mentor specially trained to BOOST Children’s Physical, Emotional Health, Social Wellbeing, Nutrition, Fitness and personal GROWTH development.

We all understand and agree with the benefits that regular physical activity can help children improve cardiorespiratory fitness, build strong bones and muscles, control weight, reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, and reduce the risk of developing health conditions such as: Heart disease. Evidence also demonstrates that regular physical activity improves concentration, behaviour and attitude towards self and others.

Children who regularly take part in a fun, meaningful physical, emotional and social activity will make better progress in school, at home and in life!


FUNDA generates income and revenue for schools 

Whether we like it or not schools today are very much business-driven.

Cost savings and revenue generation are key and we are happy to provide both while providing a quality assured service and long term partnership with schools.


Award-Winning Business Start-Up, Training & Support 

And don't worry; it's not like going back to school! FUN is in our name, training is great fun and our team is ultra-friendly:

✅ Full, Comprehensive Training

✅ Marketing Done-For-You  

✅ Business Operations 

✅ Business Management 

✅ Online Booking System

✅ Customer Relations 

✅ Accounting, Book Keeping & Finance 

✅ Online Resource Centre 

✅ Monthly Conference 

✅ Fortnightly Webinars

✅ Proposal Reviews 

✅ Head Office Event Management 

✅ Regional Calls 

✅ Annual Conference 

✅Weekly Newsletter 

✅ Annual Review 

✅ Support Calls 

✅ Franchise Social Media

✅ 1-2-1 Support Calls 

✅ Support Hotline 

We're a forward-thinking, innovative business that's constantly on the lookout for new opportunities that will benefit you. 

You'll never be left alone wondering what to do. If you have a question or query, there is a wealth of support on hand to help you through your business growth and development journey! 


OUTSTANDING Ongoing Training, Support & Development

Online Resource Centre


Regional Calls

Support Calls

1-2-1 Support Calls

Monthly Conference

Fortnightly Webinars

Weekly Newsletter

Annual Conference

Support Hotline

Proposal Reviews

Head Office Support

Annual Review

Franchise Social Media

Sales Support

Marketing Done-For-You


The Ideal Person To Franchise FUNDA 

Someone who wants to make a positive difference and EMPOWER Children's lives every day!

✅ Business/ Leadership Experience

✅ Sporty, Coaching, Physical, Active, Childcare Background 

✅ Enthusiastic, Self-Motivated, Driven, Present, Confident

✅ A Real Team Player 

✅ Growth Mindset - Never Stop Learning/ Growing

✅ Create Your Own Business/ Future

✅ Honest, Trust Worthy, Respectful  

If you share our core FUNDA values, then you are the ideal person to franchise and make FUNDA your business.


Outstanding, Fun & Practical Training

Our training package is designed to ready you for the start of your business. But this is only the start of the Training and Development support you will receive from the Franchise Support Team as you grow into your FUNDA career.

With over 70 staff employed at head office we have trained our educators, teachers and assistants over many years and truly believe our training at all levels not only meet but exceed your expectations.


FUNDA Surpasses Our Franchise Success Criteria...

"We are looking for high quality and ambitious franchise partners who want to share our exciting FUNDA journey.
But for the right reasons. We have stress-tested every single facet of this business and can assure you nothing is conceptual or theoretical. We have proven that each of the prerequisites of a successful business are met 100% in full. And we believe these are the prerequisites that you are not only looking for but that you should clearly demand from any new venture". 
Mike Smith 
Lime Licensing Franchise Consultant

The £5.8 Billion Resilient Childcare Market

With over 8.7 million children aged 3 – 11, the demand for childcare across the UK is huge.

However, there are huge issues regarding the availability of Childcare!

When looking at the overall availability of Childcare places for 5 – 11-Year-Olds in the UK the following statistics emerged…

In Scotland only 14% of areas had sufficient pre and after school care

In England only 26% of areas had sufficient pre and after school care

In Wales only 29% of areas had sufficient pre and after school care


The Conclusions of the Report
went on to say...

Many Parents are forced out of work or stuck in lower-skilled jobs – this is bad for them and the economy. Moreover, without high-quality childcare, children miss out on a potential boost to their outcomes which lasts all the way to when they take their GCSEs. Investing in childcare makes sense because it benefits and strengthens the economy, both now and in the future.

The childcare system is overly complex leaving parents at risk of falling through the gaps in support or struggling to understand their entitlements. While many parents across the country benefit from the extension of Government-funded childcare for three and four years olds, many others find that the cost of childcare freezes them out of work.

Quality Childcare is Under Provisioned In The UK…

The evidence is clear that parents want wraparound and holiday childcare for school age children but we know that for many parents it can be difficult finding something suitable and affordable. The Parents’ views and experiences of the childcare survey suggested that 62% of parents of children aged 5 or over, where at least one parent in the household was working or searching for work, required some form of wraparound childcare (most commonly after school). The same survey showed that three in ten parents with a need for wraparound childcare were unable to find it.

– A Recent Report From the Department of Education Emphasises the Need For Wraparound Childcare and Holiday Camps –  

Your FUNDA Franchise Financial Projections

As an experienced Franchise Consultant I have developed many franchising systems over the years. And clearly the earning capabilities of the franchisees are always vitally important and in FUNDA there is literally no ceiling.

The figures we have produced below are very conservative and if you want to build a significant business with the significant earnings that will generate we are more than happy to support you on your journey.

Year 1



Profit = £75,000+ 


Year 2



Profit = £136,000+ 


Year 3



Profit = £250,000+


The figures above are for illustrative purposes and do not form any contract or guarantee whatsoever but are based on our existing pilot.*


Schedule a Call with Our Franchise Consultant

If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to schedule a call with me directly using the button below. I’m ready and waiting to take your call and walk you through our FUNDA Franchise Opportunity.

Find out if your territory is still available today…

Mike Smith 
Lime Licensing Franchise Consultant

100% Government-Backed Funding Available For Your Franchise

The FUNDA Franchise has access to the government Start Up Loan scheme through our finance partner's Smorgasbord.

Borrow £19,500+VAT Over 5 Years - £452/pcm 

All the work is done for you by a specialist consultant and this service is completely free of charge. This funding is totally unsecured and available to everyone which means there is no barrier to having your own highly profitable and thriving Children's Activity & Childcare business.

EMPOWER Children's Lives Everyday!

"I woke up one morning with one of those lightbulb moments and that's when the FUNDA brand was born. Inspiring and motivating children to get ACTIVE to learn, grow and have fun. I want to help children realise that they can be anything they want to be in life if they truly believe in themselves, work hard and develop the ultimate growth mindset, resilience, self-confidence and positive attitude. I want to get millions of children ACTIVE worldwide". 
Kieran Fletcher
Creative Director & Founder Of FUNDA

Make FUNDA Your Business!

100% Government Funding & Outstanding Business Support

Ready to start your life-changing journey with FUNDA?

Our Extensive 20+ page FUNDA Franchise Prospectus is jam-packed with EVERYTHING you need to know about this amazing opportunity:



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