The FUNDA Five Core Service Offer...  

Your FUNDA Franchise will consist of 5 core services that are all linked together and designed to help each one service grow, generating income all-year-round while getting thousands of children ACTIVE, supporting schools, teachers, parents and your community: 

⓵ Wraparound Childcare

⓶ Holiday Camps 

⓷ Birthday Parties 

⓸ Activity Classes

⓹ Inflatable Fun Days

There is no ceiling as to what you can earn while growing your FUNDA Franchise, more importantly, you will get the ultimate career satisfaction. 

Earn £250,000+ Profit by Year 3.

Is the FUNDA Franchise really a business, job or hobby?

This is a life-changing opportunity!

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⓵ Wraparound Childcare

Breakfast/after school physical activity-based Childcare designed to get children ACTIVE boosting physical, emotional, social wellbeing, health, nutrition and fitness while providing cost-effective, quality-assured, Ofsted registered Childcare for working parents. 

No longer will children be left to their own devices playing computer games, building lego or sitting playing chess or board games when it comes to before and after school childcare. Specially trained FUNDA Physical Educators and Childcare practitioners will teach and deliver FUNDA physical activities, games, challenges, sports, competitions and creative active play. 

Schools, teachers and parents will love you forever because you will be supporting children's development in a way that boosts physical, emotional, social wellbeing, health, nutrition and fitness. You will be supporting children's personal development, concentration, behaviour and academic attainment in school, at home and for life. You will be helping children to become active, happy, resourceful, confident and resilient who are ready to succeed in life.

FUNDA Childcare children love to attend, grow and benefit from, even if you don't need childcare!


⓶ Holiday Camps

Keeping children ACTIVE during the school holidays all year round while providing quality-assured, Ofsted registered Childcare for working families. 

FUNDA Active For Life Teaching Method structured physical activities, games, multi-sports, competitions, big giant inflatables and creative active play creates the ultimate, safe and nurturing environment proven to entertain, motivate and inspire children all day long while their parents are busy at work.    

Our main aim is to make sure children are safe, ACTIVE, healthy, social and having fun whilst they are away from school. Children deserve a holiday and working families deserve a break.

FUNDA Holiday Camps are initially linked with the Wraparound Childcare you provide during term time. Parents are working longer hours than ever before due to economic inflation which means that quality-assured, cost-effective Childcare is in high demand all year round.

The great thing about this business model is that you already have a relationship with children and families who attend your Wraparound Childcare, already trust you and need school holiday cover. 

Ask yourself this question... What Parents wouldn't want to boost their child's Physical, Emotional, Social Wellbeing, Nutrition, Health & Fitness during the school holidays?   


Quality Childcare is under provisioned in the UK...

"The evidence is clear that parents want wraparound and holiday childcare for school age children but we know that for many parents it can be difficult finding something suitable and affordable. The Parents’ views and experiences of the childcare survey suggested that 62% of parents of children aged 5 or over, where at least one parent in the household was working or searching for work, required some form of wraparound childcare (most commonly after school). The same survey showed that three in ten parents with a need for wraparound childcare were unable to find it.”

The Department For Education, 2021


⓷ Birthday Parties

The best children's Birthday Party in town! Bespoke, flexible, tailored and specially designed to entertain every child, providing the #No1 hassle and stress-free party planning solution for busy parents.

You will provide the ultimate physical activity-based children's party jam-packed with games, races, competition, inflatables, stickers, certificates and prizes.

You will be the go-to Children's Birthday Party provider in your area. And with our award-winning marketing concepts and delivery methods, your bookings will be rolling in all year round giving you a great chance to show your ideal customer (Parents) the active fun their children have while taking part in FUNDA. 

Once again our 'Circular' business model means that children who attend Wraparound & Holiday Camps Childcare are always the first to book FUNDA party celebrations giving you the perfect opportunity to promote Holiday Camps and your FUNDA service offerings to a new group of children and of course parents. 

Take a look at one of our party videos below which will show you why FUNDA Birthday Parties are the best party in town for miles around!


⓸ Activity Classes

Parents are crying out for Sports, Activities & Creative Active Play Classes for their children to attend all year round.

You will pack out your weeks with children's activity classes before school, after school clubs and weekend Sports coaching sessions.

Using your stress-free online booking system and cutting edge marketing support from FUNDA head office you will have all your classes fully booked in no time. You will help parents to raise active, confident, happy, resourceful and resilient children who are ready to succeed in life. Children's activity classes will give you another opportunity to promote your Holiday Camps, Birthday Parties and FUNDA service offerings.

You will find that your FUNDAbusiness turnover has no limitations and endless opportunities for GROWTH! 


⓹ Inflatable Fun Days

The ultimate opportunity to EMPOWER, reboot, bounce back and RECOVER children's lives while supporting teachers in schools.

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in children behind 2 years behind or even longer in terms of their physical, emotional and social development. Schools and Teachers will grasp at any opportunity to boost physical, emotional, social wellbeing, health, nutrition and fitness.

In fact, teachers also need support with their wellbeing, health, stress levels and fitness.

The FUNDA Inflatable RECOVERY Days gives you the perfect opportunity to create long term relationships with schools, showcase the positive difference you make in the world while plugging your Wraparound Childcare, Holiday Camps & Birthday Parties all year round in between your other service delivery.

You can deliver mornings, afternoons, after school or at the weekends for those important Parents, Teachers & Friends Association (PTFA) school fairs or fundraising opportunities. Schools are always looking for something exciting and new to benefit their entire school.  

So as you can see this opportunity is a win-win situation for everyone involved that is child-centred and completes the FUNDA 'Circular' Service Offering resulting in you getting active, having fun and getting paid for your valuable time while getting the ultimate satisfaction from changing lives along the way.

Is FUNDA really a job, a business or is it a fun hobby? 


Keep Up The Excellent Work!

"Keep up the excellent work and efforts with what you deliver to children and our communities.
I look forward to meeting you once again in the near future". 

Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II 

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