FUNDA Franchise Territory...  

Your protected territory with up to a 100 schools/venues to grow your FUNDA Franchise:

✪ Your first school/venue contracted for you

✪ Approximately 300 pupils in each school

✪ You will have access to 30,000 children 

✪ FUNDA 5-core services to provide

✪ Multi-award winning brand and marketing

✪ Dominate the Children's Activity & Childcare sector

✪ Make FUNDA your business

✪ EMPOWER Children's lives every day

There is no ceiling as to what you can earn while growing your FUNDA Franchise, more importantly, you will get the ultimate job satisfaction.

Your schools, teachers, parents, children and community will love the positive difference you make every day.   

Claim your Territory!

EMPOWER children's lives! 

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Your Protected Territory

Minimum of 100 schools/venues = 30,000 children

Your protected territory will have a minimum of 100 primary schools/venues and with an average number of 300 (approximately) pupils in each school, you will have access to 30,000 children for the wonderful FUNDA services you provide.

However, we are aware through experience that certain demographics will yield higher returns for the FUNDA services you provide.

We will ensure that you and all our FUNDA Franchise partners have absolutely the same opportunity to build a significant, growing, change-making business all year round.

Make FUNDA your business, claim your Territory.

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GROW your FUNDA business...

Everything you need to become the ultimate change-maker in your community and manage your own thriving FUNDA Franchise. 

FUNDA is the ultimate multi-award-winning, Ofsted registered business with a 16-year pedigree that is recognised as the North West, UK most exciting organisation. FUNDA has grown to become the leader and innovator in activity-based Childcare in the UK and is officially recognised by Her Majesty the Queen. 👑

Our aim is to get millions of children ACTIVE everyday teaching and sharing the FUNDA WAY designed and proven to get children active for a lifetime. 

FUNDA boosts children's physical, emotional, social wellbeing, health, nutrition and fitness while providing cost-effective, quality-assured physical activity-based childcare, programmes, resources and services for schools, teachers, parents and local agencies - all year round.

We will give you the opportunity to grow your business by adding additional territories or additional schools and we will never stifle your ambition to grow and develop your FUNDA business – In fact we will actively encourage your growth at every stage of your growth.

Make FUNDA your business, claim your Territory.

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EMPOWER - Reboot - Bounce Back - RECOVER

"On behalf of all my FUNDA team, we can't wait to welcome all our prospecting franchise owners into our FUNDA world. Together we are going to EMPOWER millions of children's lives, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected all our lives especially children and families.  Now is the perfect time to reboot, bounce back and RECOVER from COVID-19, make FUNDA your business and start your FUNDA Franchise".
Kieran Fletcher
Creative Director & Founder Of FUNDA

Make FUNDA Your Business!

100% Government Funding & Outstanding Business Support

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