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You are the ideal person, you want to take advantage of the 100% Government Funding, start your FUNDA franchise and make FUNDA your business.

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⓵ Request Information 

⓶ Book Discovery Call

⓷ Next Steps Document

⓸ Attend Discovery Day

 Apply For Funding *Optional

Training & Support

✪ Franchise Ready 

At this stage, you are now FUNDA Franchise ready to start your FUNDA Business and EMPOWER children's lives.

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EMPOWER children's lives!

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⓵ Request Information 

You'll receive the ultimate FUNDA Franchise Prospectus 20+ pages and informative emails jam-packed with more information, details and benefits as to why this is the opportunity for you.

✅ Discover The FUNDA WAY Of Life

✅ Making A Positive Difference Everyday (Ethos)

✅ Recognised For What We Do

✅ Imagine A Fun & Active Business That Grows With You

✅ The FUNDA Business Model 

✅ 5 Reasons Why FUNDA Is A Successful Franchise Model

✅ Customers Love Our Child Centred Approach 

✅ How Much Can You Earn?

 ...And so much more! 


⓶ Book Discovery Call 

You've got all the information you need, you want to make FUNDA your business, however, you still have so many questions and you want the answers before moving on to the next step which is attending a FUNDA Franchise Discovery Day. 

✅ Book Your Discovery Call With Mike (Lime Licensing Group)

✅ Lime Licensing Group 30+ Years Experience  

✅ Stress Tested The FUNDA Franchise Model

✅ Ready To Help You Make The Right Decision 

Book your FUNDA Franchise Discovery Call with Mike from the award-winning, British Franchise Association Affiliate (BFA) Member Lime Licensing Group...


⓷ Next Steps Document  

Having spoken with Mike from Lime Licensing Group and decided you would like to progress further and explore more about FUNDA.

✅ You will sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

✅ Receive a comprehensive Next Steps Guide 

✅ Explore more about becoming a FUNDA Franchisee

✅ Ask lots of questions  

This is the time when Mike will arrange a virtual meeting with Kieran Fletcher the founder of FUNDA and his team to discuss the intricacies of this amazing opportunity to change your life and EMPOWER others around you...


⓸ Attend Discover Day  

You've got all the information you need and had your successful Discovery Call with Mike from Lime Licensing Group, all the boring paperwork has been submitted and you are all in and can't wait to make FUNDA your business.

✅ Attend a fun-packed day at FUNDA HQ

✅ Explore the FUNDA brand 

✅ Meet the FUNDA team

✅ Look behind the scenes 

The FUNDA Discovery Day Is a great way to learn more about the FUNDA Franchise to meet the team of experts you will be working with and share the company vision, mission and goals together...


⓹ Apply For Funding

At this stage, you can take advantage of the risk-free, 100% Government funding available to start your FUNDA Franchise.

Utilise Smorgasboard our partnering finance specialists who will provide you with the start-up capital investment you need to make FUNDA your business.   

✅ 100% Government-Backed Start Up Loan Scheme

✅ Borrow £19,500+VAT Over 5 Years - £452/pcm

✅ Start Your Business From £452/pcm

✅ Business Support Mentor For 12 Months - No Extra Cost

Our aim is to provide you with EVERYTHING you need to make sure your FUNDA Franchise is a success from the start with ongoing support as you grow to become a profitable, growing business year on year...


⓺ Training & Support 

You are now a valued family member of our FUNDA team, our goal is to provide the #No1 specialist training and business support network available to start and grow your business year on year:  

✅ Business mentor - totally free (12 months)

✅ 20+ training and support categories

✅ Step-by-step online FUNDA operations manual

✅ FUNDA Top Team Support  

You will be confident, happy, ready and rearing to start your FUNDA Franchise with ongoing support to grow a profitable business while getting the satisfaction of empowering children's lives every day... 


FUNDA Franchise Ready!

You are super excited and motivated than ever before to start your FUNDA Franchise, you have had the ultimate support, training and business guidance to equip you with EVERYTHING you need to generate the income targets you set with no limitations:

✅ Earn what you desire and targets you set yourself 

✅ Create the ultimate lifestyle

✅ Join the ultimate FUNDA brand and team

✅ EMPOWER children's lives all year round

On behalf of all our FUNDA team, we can't wait to welcome you onboard and EMPOWER millions of children every day to get ACTIVE, learn and have fun the FUNDA WAY so that they can reach their full potential in school, at home and in life.

If you have a BIG heart and share our ethos and core values then the FUNDA Franchise is the opportunity for you... 


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If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to schedule a call with me directly using the button below. I’m ready and waiting to take your call and walk you through our FUNDA Franchise Opportunity.

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