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Are You Struggling To Entertain Your Children During LOCKDOWN? ...

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The LOCKDOWN Extended...

The other day the government announced that school children in Reception, year 1 and 6 can return back to school from June. However, schools are sending out surveys and most parents are not happy to send their children back to school and that's understandable short term.

Are you struggling to entertain your children during LOCKDOWN? 

Are your children making learning progress whilst being away from school? A

Are your children missing FUNDA in school and during the holidays? 

If so then this Free FUNDA Family Challange is for you... 


The FUNDA Family Challange #FundaChallenge 

The FUNDA Family Challenge will give you and your child free access to FUNDA Greatness Education, Physical & Personal Development platform for kids where you can access thousands of resources, activities and online support from Kieran the founder of FUNDA. 

The FUNDA Challenge lasts for 14-days and it will give you the chance to WIN a FUNDA Prize Bundle worth over £1,500k, which is the biggest prize ever given away here at FUNDA. 


- Relaxing Spa Day For Two Adults #Parents 

- Holiday Camp & Childcare Voucher Worth £700  

- FUNDA Goodie Bag, Medal, Stickers, Certificates, Books ... And so much more! 

Basically this FUNDAtastic Prize Bundle is worth over £1,500k

The Benefits For You & Your Child:  

The FUNDA Family Challenge aims to get you and your family active, learning and having fun whilst supporting your child's education, physical and personal development with all resources and activities being linked to your child's curriculum. 

In fact, we know that if your child takes part in this FUNDA Challenge they probably will have that much fun learning the 'FUNDA WAY' they won't want to return back to school.

Here's the benefits for your child taking part:

The benefits for you the adult: If you work from home, maybe your child can work alone completing their FUNDA activities, resources and tasks. Basically doing all the work for you making sure you win the FUNDA Prize Bundle worth £1.5k and relaxing Spa Day for two. 

That's thought maybe you and another parent can team up and if you win you can attend the relaxing Spa Day together as besties... LOL! 

The FUNDA Family Challange Rules:

Step 1: View the FUNDA Family Challenge - Click Here!

Step 2: Create Your Free Online FUNDA Greatness Account  - Click Here!

Step 3: Complete As Many Resources & Activities As You Can Over 14-Days

Step 4: Share Your Child's Progress In Our FUNDA Greatness Facebook Community Group, In Your Online Area and get social with FUNDA. 

Basically whichever family is the most engaged, learning, showing progress and showcasing your work wins the FUNDA Prize Bundle worth over £1,500k. 

Kieran the founder of FUNDA will reveal the leaderboard each day for 14-days. 

Join The FUNDA Family Challange - Start Now!

You can start the FUNDA Family Challenge anytime during the 14-days, you can pack all your work into one day, you basically can work with your child whenever you want there's no pressure. 

All you've got to do is make a start, once you've introduced your child to the FUNDA Challenge downloadable and printable resources/ activities they will be engaged, inspired, motivated, empowered and thirsty for more. 

Oh, just one more thing... All resources and activities will get updated every week, there will be live virtual lessons for you and your kids to attend and you will receive around the clock support from Kieran the founder of FUNDA. 



Email: [email protected] 

Call: 01282 479 835



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